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Legal Drugs Podcast

Nov 19, 2019

How does the legal drugs business affect you? In this week’s episode, Legal Drugs Podcast (LDP) editor, Margaret Beveridge (Maggie), asks LDP host, Angela Stoyanovitch, more about her purpose in starting this podcast along with her initial interests and background. In this casual conversation, Maggie asks questions about the industry that you may be wondering, too. This is the first dialog in this series that aims to break down communication and education barriers in the drug development process. Maggie and Angela discuss how drugs are all around us, even in our food! From the effect of a headache to a cancer diagnosis, when and how do you know if it is safe to pop a pill? The pharmaceutical industry is complex due to many reasons including the intricacies of science itself. Maggie pulls you in to the discussion by keeping things easy and breezy. Maggie is currently enrolled in broadcasting school and has a passion for audio recording that is made simple. As editor of the podcast, her curiosity has grown around the pharmaceutical industry. Her idea to start this series titled, “Should I Simply Pop this Pill?” speaks to the listener without a science background. Poking at purpose, passion, sponsorship, weather, girl power and friendship…we hope you tune in to this first part of the series you can expect to hear every few episodes.