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Legal Drugs Podcast

Dec 3, 2019

During the largest annual cancer research meeting, AACR (American Association for Cancer Research), in Atlanta, Georgia in April, 2019, Legal Drugs Podcast host, Angela Stoyanovitch, met up with LinkedIn friend, Dr. Vijaya Kumar Pidugu, Ph.D. or "VJ." VJ walks us through his poster presentation in the exhibit hall.  As this is an audible recording and you cannot see all the charts and diagrams on the printed poster, you will have to use your imagination to follow along in this week's interview.  Angela interrupts the recording to break things down for the listener who may not have a basic science, research or specific cancer research background to the best of her understanding (in order to make it relatable.)  She believes there is still room for every listener to gain insight into cancer research and get into the brain of the cancer research scientist even through the heavy technical discussion.  At the end of the recording, VJ breaks down his goals and hope to impact society and those affect by human oral cancer thanks to the characterizations he will publish on this work.  His work encompasses many details about how certain components (oncogenes of cancer genes) in the body (our biology) are either promoting or fighting cancer.  Through his studies, VJ looks at the mechanism of how these components (or proteins, specifically) activate certain genes, for example. By looking at these gene activations, decisions can be made to determine the best possible drug for an individual patient.  If every cancer patient is screened for histochemistry (or tissue chemistry constituents) than decisions can be made about which patient's proteins may be susceptible to certain legal drugs. As a result of this work, perhaps new drugs will be discovered to target these proteins or activating triggers, in other words, and help fight oral cancer. For more information, email VJ at Thanks to VJ for exposing our listeners to the details of this specific cancer research project and giving all of us a glimpse into cancer legal drug development as it relates to personalized medicine in the near future. 
This episode edited and produced by Margaret Beveridge, aka Maggie Bev.