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Legal Drugs Podcast

Sep 2, 2019

During the annual international meeting for Society of Toxicology in March 2019, Ben Burton, President & CEO at iuvo BioScience and Oculos Clinical Research and spoke with Angela Stoyanovitch, Legal Drugs Podcast host, in order to learn more about his role as an entrepreneur and seasoned executive in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.  Listen and learn how Ben's background and experience resulted to him leading a service-based contract research organization ("CRO" - you will hear this referenced) with a strategic focus on medical device and ophthalmic research and development. 

What does all of that mean? Ben's companies test the safety and efficacy testing required for potential medical devices and future legal drugs. Outside of getting to know Ben's career, you will learn a bit about how he founded a new lab, the complexities of regulated research for new products, the role of quality, efficiency and consulting-based services, problem-solving and focusing on a niche, as it relates to the eye and its diseases.  In contract research, clients such as pharmaceutical and medical device companies, outsource the testing that is desired or required to ensure their product is safe for humans. 

In this week's episode, you will get a glimpse into the how contract research supports the legal drug market. This interview with Ben is special because Ben has an approachable way of explaining his role to both insiders such as drug developers as well as anyone, he may meet at a bar-b-que, as he references! 

Ben's skill for teaching is evident in his ability to summarize both his business and the CRO industry's role in providing key differentiators in an ever-changing marketplace and economy thanks to scientific innovation!  Ben and his progressive leadership team uniquely position themselves from their client's eyes in order to advise on the fastest and safest way to get their product to market. 

Ben proudly exudes his servant-leadership approach and highlights some of the diversity represented on his leadership team including his co-founder (Dr. Mary Richardson, PhD, DABT) and other women scientists that are highly engaged, expert and innovative.  On top of all of that, Ben's zoomed in approach to contract research services is one of collaboration over competition.  Under his consultancy group, for example, his team is able to guide clients to the most suitable strategy for speed and support so no data are wasted or redundant! 

Finally, listen through to the end of the interview to understand what keeps Ben's drive so laser-focused on what he describes as life-enhancing and life-changing medicines and medical devices.  

The Legal Drugs Podcast is honored to dedicate this episode to Ben, his wife, Laura, and their son, Anthony, whom lost his battle with addiction nearly four years ago.  May Anthony forever rest in eternal peace. 

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