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Legal Drugs Podcast

Nov 17, 2020

Over the month of October 2020, Legal Drugs Podcast (LDP), a production of Legal Drugs Agency, LLC (LDA), was on a strategic sabbatical to give back and reorganize. 

In this episode, Host, Angela Stoyanovitch, recaps the lasted COVID cure announcements with new drugs announced from both Pfizer and Moderna (biotech and pharma companies.) Unusually, their announcements included 90-95% efficacy of the vaccines which were developed at record speeds.  While drugs of any kind have had longer development periods in the past, Legal Drugs Podcast has continually highlighted that the increased speeds can be attributed to many variables - the most obvious is the use of technology, machine learning and A.I. for early drug discovery.  To the general public who is outside of the drug development industry, this all may seem mysterious and confusing but we explain that this is a manifestation of the use of creative scientific theory and understanding of DNA, etc. No longer will we rely on simple chemical compounding for drugs.  The future of legal drugs is curative drugs and we are in a space race within the biotech industry to find them! This is an exciting time in history to be a witness to such speedy developments and with a global threat such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the pressure (and funding) are on high! Together, we will continue to discuss these advancements in bite side portions as we have in the first 31 episodes of the show, Legal Drugs Podcast. 

As Angela outlines in this episode, 32, we are looking to the future for more gene editing that will result in more gene and cell therapies. This Spring 2021, Legal Drugs Agency will produce a new livestream salon-styled intimate conference on gene therapies via LDA partner, PharmaSalon. If you know someone you'd like to recommend as a speaker, please reach out to our host,

If you are in the market for a career change within the life sciences industry, specifically, the drug development and contract research organization niche, Angela would love to introduce you to our LDA partner, RPM ReSearch Solutions, for career coaching, resources and matching to open candidate roles. 

This Fall 2020, we are launching our YouTube channel as a result of our efforts over the last month.  Stay tuned for more information and subscribe now @legaldrugspodcast on YouTube and Instagram to stay up to date on our announcements.  

Thank you to those who have supported LDP as a patron on  Your support means the world to us and we wouldn't be here without your generous contributions that help us create more content.  Thank you! 

Other sabbatical work includes two recordings with Angela on Lab Rat Chat, an interview with their podcast hosts where Angela dives deep into her career and life story - listen here for free; Chat with Legal Drugs Podcast on Lab Rat Chat Podcast - and a podcast panel discussion recording as a platform session for the National Annual Meeting for the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) - read more on page 26 of the virtual program; NAALAS Panel Discussion: Podcasting to the Public.

Finally, LDA was established with the idea that we highlight the heartbeat of biomedical research and the drug development continuum. What do we do this work? Why do we study new drugs and how do we give back? No matter how you slice it, legal drugs has an impact on all of us.  For those of us deep in our drug development work or corporate lives, it is easy to lose touch with that heartbeat or the stories of people's lives we impact one way or another.  This is the legal drugs business we discuss here but what about the illegal drug business on the streets affecting people in great need due to addictions and mental illness. We all can have a positive impact (great or small) on each other's mental and emotional health. As Host Angela has a great passion for groups of both animals and women in need, she often volunteers for these various causes.  While on sabbatical these last 4-6 weeks, Angela describes a new event she hosted to raise hygiene donations for women on the streets. This fundraising event was called Girls Giving and it resulting in over $300 of tampons and sanitary napkins that will be distributed by Restore Global as organized by iServewithJoy nonprofits in the metro-Charlotte, NC area. 

Thank you for listening, downloading and reviewing our episodes.  Check out our new landing page at for more episodes!