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Legal Drugs Podcast

Dec 17, 2019

In this week's episode, Legal Drugs Podcast's Host, Angela Stoyanovitch, discusses the challenges of overcoming animal model data with Dr. Andre Ghetti, CEO of AnaBios Coporation, a human tissue company.  Angela and Andre talk about some of the case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of AnaBios' strategy along with the need for relevant, predictive data at the preclinical state in order to better guide drug discovery processes (while making note of the challenges facing drug discovery.) They tell the story of AnaBios’ challenges overcome to date and of the gaps in the marketplace for the legal drugs pharmaceutical industry as well as challenges of the future.

AnaBios Corporation provides research companies real human cells for a more translational model of disease in the development of legal drugs for cures or therapies. AnaBios can use real human cells to eliminate some of the animal studies in drug discovery research by using your donated organs. This revolutionary system has been in development for the last nine years and it’s changing the way researcher do the job of making new legal drugs for market!

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This episode edited and produced by Margaret Beveridge.