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Legal Drugs Podcast

Nov 4, 2019

Legal Drugs Podcast, a production of Legal Drugs Agency is proud to highlight and endorse the work of the North American 3Rs Collaborative (NA3RsC) on the Legal Drugs Podcast. Host, Angela Stoyanovitch, partners up with former colleague, Alice ​White McVey, a guru on small animal research models with a passion for responsible 3Rs implementation. The 3Rs in research include: 

  • Refinement (methods which minimize pain and distress and/or improve welfare of the animals required)
  • Reduction (methods which minimize the numbers of animals used)
  • Replacement (methods which avoid, or replace, the use of animals)

Alice explains that animals are currently an invaluable model for biomedical research. In addition, regulations still require animal use for safety testing. Because there is still a need for animals in research, the NA3RsC mission is to share advances in science, innovations and animal welfare with the research community in North America and around the globe. This mission will mean improved study reproducibility and animal welfare with the ultimate goal of reducing/eliminating the number of animals targeted for biomedical research.

Other goals of the NA3RsC include ​promoting Complex In Vitro Models (i.e. organoids, microphysiological systems, organs-on-chips) ​as "test tube" alternatives to using living beings.  NA3RsC is also focusing on a Digital Biomarkers Hub where preclinical scientists and regulatory bodies can go to see available preclinical digital biomarker technologies and their capabilities.  A new Fellowship position with NA3RsC will help move these and other initiatives forward.

You can become a​n individual member of NA3RsC for FREE! To register, go to to review membership options and more. 

NA3RsC is sponsored in part by Charles River Laboratories, AstraZeneca, GSK, AxoSim, Mimetas, SynVivo, Tara, DefiniGEN, TissUse, Nortis, and Draper.

This episode edited and produced by Margaret Beveridge.