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Legal Drugs Podcast

Jul 29, 2019

Legal Drugs Podcast Host, Angela Stoyanovitch, is excited to welcome her father, Rockwell (Rocky) J. Stoyanovitch, to the show! The most intimate stories in Angela's career in drug development are experienced through her personal and familiar relationships.

The preventative treatments, cures and legal drugs she has seen in research have either made a positive impact or saved a life in just one critical moment. In her father's case, Rocky survived not just one but two heart attacks (and even three since the recording of this episode) thanks to biomedical research advancements such as medical devices and legal drugs. In addition to these life-saving measures, Rocky's gratitude towards the doctors, hospitals, stents and statins (pharmaceuticals) cannot be measured.

Rocky also takes on a personal responsibility beyond his genes or potential genetic predisposition for heart disease and credits his continued life, health and success to a major lifestyle change whereby he eats a completely plant-based vegan diet.  Listen in to learn more about Rocky's personal experience with the medical and pharmaceutical industries alongside Angela's drug development biomedical research background (unknowingly conducting studies through animal safety testing that would one day save her father's life!).