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Legal Drugs Podcast

Oct 21, 2019

Thanks to our Sponsors: This episode is supported by Key Corporate Services, LLC.  Key Corporate Services is a trusted human capital partner to their clients and a confidential career advisor for their candidates while providing a fulfilling career with professional growth for their associates. Key Corporate Services is an executive search and recruitment expert firm for chemicals, pharma & biotech, food ingredients, manufacturing and finance industries.  For information on their current job openings or to learn more, go to

During the National American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS or NAALAS) annual meeting in downtown Denver, CO., Legal Drugs Podcast host, Angela Stoyanovitch, meets up with Brandon Miller, Partner at Key Corporate Services for executive search and advisory for this week’s interview.  After two years talking on the phone, Brandon and Angela finally meet face to face and explore the convention’s exhibit hall together. After spending a half day together, they sit down to discuss the Brandon’s recent article on LinkedIn titled, “Top 10 Drug Discovery & Precinical CROs to watch as we inch closer to Q4 and 2020.” Brandon describes his take on the legal drugs business and walks us through how he initially fell into the business of executive search and recruitment for life sciences, carved out a niche in the preclinical and drug discovery space and breaks down his thoughts on some of the information he’s collected from the discussions he has with leaders in the top companies.  Brandon never expect to fall into a sales role himself but after an opportunity fell into his lap, he realized the building relationships was a skill set for him.  Brandon’s early career includes a role as an adolescent guidance specialist.  It was then that he recalls embracing the relationships he built with young people to support them in their life’s journey, free of drug addictions.  Today, Brandon has rushed to the top of the recruiting circles as a solution for executives in need of job placement or recruitment inside of contract research organizations (CRO) for preclinical drug discovery and drug development companies. In just a couple short years, Brandon’s established trusting relationships with many of the industry’s top talent.  Listen in to learn Brandon’s view on the industry, his role as a recruiter and why you may want to pick up his phone call as a headhunter!

More on the Meeting: The NAALAS meeting hosts several thousand animal science professionals from academic research laboratories to commercial contract research, government and more, every year, since 1950.  The meeting is highly technical and extensively scientific with attendees from veterinarians, animal technicians and other professionals that come together for workshops, lectures, poster sessions and exhibits.  With around 4,500 attendees including both members and non-members, this meeting provides the largest world-wide opportunity for professionals to discuss their concern with the production, care, and use of laboratory animals. To learn more, go to

This episode edited and produced by Margaret Beveridge.